SkipdQ is delighted to provide two unique services to our customers.

P&D: Pick up and Deliver = $8.99* 
You can select this service if you would like us to simply collect a parcel from a single location and bring it to you, e.g. Click and Collect from any local store OR if you have ordered and paid for takeaway, and would like us to bring it to you.

PSS: Personal Shopper Service = $14.99*
If the local merchant of your choice does not offer online shopping, or you need things from one or more stores in a hurry, we can assign you a Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) who will select, purchase and deliver your shopping list to you.  Please see the detailed instructions for this service below.

* the charge includes deliveries within 5km from the pick up location, and additional distance based charges of $1.2 per km beyond 5km will apply (we do not deliver beyond 10km)
** The basic PSS includes 30 minutes of shopping time and free delivery within 5km of the last store.  Additional time will be charged at the rate of $30/hr prorata, not to exceed 2 hrs. As an example, a PSA can shop 12-15 items from a single supermarket and bring them to you (within 5km) in 30 minutes.  The clock starts when the PSA reaches the first store, and finishes when the PSA completes check out at the last store. There is no additional delivery fee for distances less than 5km from the last store.

a: The weight and volume of the goods must be within reason, i.e. easily and safely carried by 1 person and should not exceed 1 regular shopping cart.
b: Please familiarise yourself with the service details below and keep any eye on the Notifications / Chat messages through the SkipdQ app. 
c: We do not allow purchase of tobacco products (incl. cigarettes) under the Personal Shopper Service.


Select the Personal Shopper option on the Home Page to order.


P&D: Pick up and Deliver
1. Enter specific instructions including any click & collect code or pick up time in the 'What do you want to order?' field
2. Enter the pick up location & the delivery address in the respective fields
3. Enter additional information including images of your order receipt to help the agent complete the pick-up and delivery
3. Select Click-and-Collect - $8.99 from the drop down box and click Proceed to Pay
4. Review any additional charges for distance beyond 5km and complete payment
5. An agent will be assigned to complete your Pick up and Delivery, and will contact you in case of any queries.  You will also be able to track the assigned agent and communicate with them  as required. 

PSS: Personal Shopper Service
1. Type the store name and item details for one or multiple retailers into the order form.  The more detail you provide upfront including product images, the smoother the process.
2. Once the Personal Shopping request is accepted by SkipdQ, You are committing to pay the total price of goods charged by the retailer and the SkipdQ service fee.  We do not charge you upfront for the goods to be purchased, but payment will be required before the goods are delivered.
3. SkipdQ will assign you a Personal Shopping Agent (PSA) who will drive to the store(s) and purchase the required goods. You will be able to contact the PSA at anytime to advise of any changes or substitutions, until the PSA checks out the goods.  Please note that the PSA will also be able to call or message you through phone or the App, and will contact you at least once prior to check-out.
4. After the PSA has checked out the goods at the last store, SkipdQ will send you a payment request with the exact amount for goods and our service fee via the chat box. We do not mark up the price of goods, but will add the payment gateway charge of 2.5% to cover charges by our bank for making card payments.  Once you finalise payment the PSA will deliver the goods to your doorstep.
5. Please note that once purchased, the PSA will not be able to return or exchange any item for you.  You will be provided the original receipt, and may be able to take it up with the retailer depending upon their policy.

Please feel free to contact us through the SkipdQ chat if you have any questions.  We are always eager to help!

Select the Personal Shopper option on the Home Page to order.