Summary of SkipdQ Customer Terms and Conditions




Summary of T&Cs


Services Offered to Customers

The SkipdQ platform offers the following services to the customer:

  1. Custom Delivery: It allows customers to get the Agents to pick up- and drop off packages from one location to the other
  2. Online Shopping and Delivery: It allows customers to purchase Item(s) from the Partner Merchants listed on the SkipdQ Platform and get the Items delivered to You by Agents
  3. Personal Shopping and Delivery: It allows customers to request purchasing of items from Non-Partner Merchants and get the same delivered to You by the Agents

SkipdQ will present you with an estimate of the cost of goods and services, broken down into the cost of goods, applicable taxes (GST), Credit Card processing charges, delivery fees, and any applicable service fee for the relevant services prior to you placing the order.


Payment terms

The customer will pay in full for Custom Delivery and Online Shopping and Delivery services, while placing the order.  In case of any changes to the order, the customer shall be informed by SkipdQ, and the customers need to pay any balance prior to delivery of goods, without which goods will not be delivered.  Any refunds will be given as credit and stored in the customer account for use in subsequent transactions.

In case of Personal Shopping and Delivery, we shall place a hold on your credit or debit card for an amount equivalent to the cost estimate + 20% additional contingency before allocating the Order to an Agent.  The final cost incurred will be updated and charged to your credit or debit card upon completion of the transaction, and the hold on your card will be released.  If the final cost is greater than the hold placed, the customer shall be informed by SkipdQ, and pay any balance prior to delivery of goods, without which goods will not be delivered.


User Data

You agree to provide accurate data; we agree to use, store and dispose it in accordance with our data & privacy policy



You will be able to rate the driver and merchant, who in turn will be able to rate you.  The long term success of the SkipdQ Services and the Performance of Merchants and Agents relies on your rating , so it is highly encouraged.


Cancellation & Refund

You are not able to cancel an order once it is placed on the platform. You will be charged the full order in case of cancellation post the Merchant accepting the order.  SkipdQ can cancel the transaction for various reasons including but not limited to unavailability of the Merchants, Agents, or specific items, etc. and the amount will be refunded to you as a credit on your account or to your credit card as you prefer .


Your responsibility

Follow all requirements in terms of ordering or sending legally permissible items; you are entirely responsible for the contents.  Wrap packages appropriately and ensure that they are sealed and thus prevents any tampering during the delivery provision of the service.

Limit your engagement with the Agent; do not ask them to enter your premises beyond the front door, and do not share or request any personal/contact information from them.  Follow basic safety rules for your mutual protection. For further details please read our Community Guidelines document.


Our commitment to you

We will use best endeavours to give you a smooth, efficient service with reasonable and transparent pricing, that is fair to you, the merchants and the Agents

Please click the following link for the detailed SkipdQ Customer Terms & Conditions