About Us

SkipdQ is hyperlocal on-demand delivery service in Australia.  That means you can use our platform to order anything from a local retailer and have it delivered to you on demand.

If the local retailer of your choice is our partner merchant, you can select items from the store catalogue displayed on SkipdQ.  If NOT, we will assign you a personal shopper who can go and buy products from any local retailer and bring them to you, so long as it is legal and ethical to do so.

While such services are quite common in Asia, Europe and even the USA, this concept is largely restricted to food delivery down under.  Through our platform, we extend the offering to other product categories and retailers, and their customers who have been demanding such a service.

One of our key principles is ‘fairness’.  We DO NOT want to grow our business by cutting somebody else’s lunch.  Hence, our service fees are reasonable, flat and transparent.  We will only charge a small fee for the service provided, and aim to keep most of the value in the merchant and customer’s pocket, while paying the agents a fair fee for their efforts.

We also want to make sure that SkipdQ provides a reliable service and a fantastic experience to everybody involved.  So please do not hesitate to send us positive and constructive feedback at support@skipdq.com.au  

While we are starting with a single suburb in Victoria, we will be in your suburb very soon!


Company Information

SkipdQ is the registered Trading name of Bluewaters Ventures Pty Ltd, an Australian company registered in Victoria under ACN 640 319 133, having its offices in Point Cook, Victoria 3030, Australia.

SkipdQ is a company that provides an online marketplace platform using internet based technology that brings together Delivery Services Providers, Restaurants, Grocers and/or other businesses and Customers. SkipdQ is not a restaurant, a grocer, a pharmacy or a delivery business.